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Pathfinder #1 Paizo S Incredible Award Winning, Best Selling Fantasy World, Fiction Line And Tabletop RPG Is Now The Ultimate Fantasy Comic From Dynamite Entertainment Valeros Can Rely On Only His Sword Arm And His Friends, The Mysterious And Beautiful Sorcerer Seoni And Silver Tongued Quick Witted Elven Rogue Merisiel, But Nothing Can Prepare Him For The Dangers That Lurk Ahead The Scattered And Chaotic Goblin Tribes Of Varisia Are Changing, Growing In Power And Unifying In Ways No One Has Ever Seen Before At The Heart Of This Strange Evolution Is An Ancient Evil Looking To Establish Itself Anew.

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    Pathfinder pulled me into the worlds of both comics and tabletop RPGs I was out of state on a business trip and Googled a used bookstore to have something to do on the weekend, and found a store with 1 comic books When I came across several volumes of this fantasy series, I decided to check them out I d heard of the game but wasn t really expecting much from the comics I was pleasantly surprised.This introductory chapter of Dark Waters Rising, the first arc of the comic series, introduces you to the main cast My immediate fa...

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    I m still in disbelief that the writer of my favourite Wayward wrote this tripe Clich , boring, predictable, it shows why roleplaying games don t translate well into comicbooks the strength of RPgs is their interactivity and the skill of their players, and usually story is left as an afterthought DD clones like Pathfinder so, as they focus mostly on the traditional Go to X place, beat a monster until it drops its lunch money But stripped off player agency and creativity, it shows how often its ...

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    The comic itself is decent, but the real treat is the second half of the book, which turns the comic into a mini Pathfinder module.

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