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Settle for More Whether It S Asking Tough Questions During A Presidential Debate Or Pressing For Answers To Today S Most Important Issues, Megyn Kelly Has Demonstrated The Intelligence, Strength, Common Sense, And Courage That Have Made Her One Of Today S Best Known Journalists, Respected By Women And Men, Young And Old, Republicans And Democrats.In Settle For More, The NBC News Anchor Reflects On The Enduring Values And Experiences That Have Shaped Her From Growing Up In A Family That Rejected The Trophies For Everyone Mentality, To Her Father S Sudden, Tragic Death While She Was In High School She Goes Behind The Scenes Of Her Career, Sharing The Stories And Struggles That Landed Her In The Anchor Chair And Taught Her To Ask The Tough Questions Speaking Candidly About Her Decision To Settle For A Motto She Credits As Having Dramatically Transformed Her Life At Home And At Work Megyn Discusses How She Abandoned A Thriving Legal Career To Follow Her Journalism Dreams.Admired For Her Hard Work, Humor, And Authenticity, Megyn Sheds Light On The News Business, Her Time At Fox News, The Challenges Of Being A Professional Woman And Working Mother, And Her Most Talked About Television Moments She Also Speaks Openly About Donald Trump S Feud With Her, Revealing Never Before Heard Details About The First Republican Debate, Its Difficult Aftermath, And How She Persevered Through It All.Deeply Personal And Surprising, Settle For More Offers Unparalleled Insight Into This Charismatic And Intriguing Journalist, And Inspires Us All To Embrace The Principles Determination, Honesty, And Fortitude In The Face Of Fear That Have Won Her Fans Across The Political Divide.

➻ Settle for More  Free ➱ Author Megyn Kelly – Valtrex-4.us
  • ebook
  • 352 pages
  • Settle for More
  • Megyn Kelly
  • 18 September 2017
  • 9780062494597

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    Early in this memoir, Megyn Kelly writes, I was chief telemarketer, referring to her brief stint as a phone worker at a 1 800 number entity while a college student She was excellent at this job, she exclaims, and would later hone and parlay if this was possible the skills learned there into the art of deposing powerful, high rolling clients in cases where millions of dollars were at stake This self appraisal pervades the book from her days as a popular high school student, an award winning law student I was the highest scoring candidate they d ever had , apparent superstar lawyer she would have made partner but for her decision to pursue journalism , being a perfect mother, with perfect children, perfect husband although on the effeminate side, he once demonstrated a willingness to rough up an older gentlemen who had verbally attacked Megyn after a tennis match her hubby lost , to her ratings winning performances as a Fox News reporter and anchor To hear Ms Kelly tell it, there is not much that she doesn t excel at, and in many ways, the book seems like a 20 hour plus infomercial...

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    Can t believe a string of people expressed hate by giving this book one star ratings without reading I just signed onto good reads after a friend recommended, and now I will take the stars much less seriously as anyone can express hate through their stars without having actually read the book Really This site is a beautiful and a wonderful use of technology to join people over a common ca...

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    Excellent read about a very tough, but fair journalist and what lead to her becoming one of the most trusted US journalists of our time The book is so well written that it almost reads like a thriller at times Definitely a page turner I very much enjoyed learning how Kelly managed to move from a modest upbringing to hosting one of the most watched news shows in the US I am almost as impressed by this book as I am by the journalism I have come to expect from Kelly Highly recommended read The author appears to be very open about her experiences which enables the reader to get a really interesting insight into the life of one of the most prominent US journalists of our time A journalist that played a key role in reporting on the latest US elections whith a degree of integrity that is almost unmatched I have rarely ever witnessed such a strong person on TV or generally in public life Writing such an op...

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    2.5 ish I was excited to read this because I haven t known what to think about Megyn Kelly On the one hand, I admire her ambition, her confidence, and the fact that she never backed down when Donald Trump was attacking her and sending his minions to also attack her On the other hand, she worked for Fox News, which I consider a harmful company, and I was unsure whether I could trust or respect her as a journalist, especially since she ll now be at NBC if not the ideological opposite of Fox, certainly at least somewhere on the other side of the political spectrum Her memoir, I thought, could help me figure that out.So I guess it did The short review is that I won t be watching Megyn Kelly on NBC, I don t respect her as a journalist, and her memoir is fairly off putting THE LONG REVIEW IS THIS.Ohthe long review.The book begins with the infamous presidential debate that sparked the feud between Kelly and Trump, but it segues pretty quickly into stories from her childhood, adolescence and young adulthood Her family sounds fun I especially like her mom and her Nana , but the overarching theme of the book is clear almost immediately, and that theme is Megyn Kelly Is Awesome Among the things we learn Megyn Kelly wa...

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    This one was interesting but a little too sensationalist for me Kelly s words of self esteem are definitely worth reading but I found her personality to be rather over the top and it can be difficult to take her words seriously at times.

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    I admit I was somewhat shocked at how much I liked this book and, upon finishing it, how much I respected Megyn Kelly Not that I had any particularly noxious preconceptions about Kelly I actually knew very little about her other than that she is an anchorwoman on FOX News and that she recently found herself in the line of fire of Donald Trump s irrational vitriol and knee jerk sense of victimhood Prior to reading this, I d say that I had respect for her simply based on the few exchanges I saw between her and Trump during the candidate debates and in subsequent interviews Kelly was not afraid to ask Trump tough questions, and she did not seem to lower herself to his immature level or be visibly affected by his lewd, inappropriate responses She kept it classy at all times Reading her book merely confirmed and bolstered my respect for her.Kelly s memoir, Settle For More is immensely readable, enjoyable, and inspiring, especially to young women navigating their way through a world still dominated by annoyingly sexist men Far from being a male bashing feminist manifesto, however, Kelly s book lets women know that there are plenty of good men in the world many of them in positions of power but that domineering, sexist, and predatory men will always try to bring a strong woman down Her inspiring message to women is to never play victim, never give up, and always strive to settle for It is, indeed, her mantra Hence, the title.It is, perhaps, no coincidence that Kelly is friends w...

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    I m not a really a fan of Megyn Kelly to say the least but I was given a copy of her book and I was curious about it I do admire how she can hold her own in a very sexist industry and she works really hard, which I appreciate I have recently started reading non fiction books and I really enjoy memoirs so I was ready to be blown away from tales of Megyn s career.However, Settle for More is mostly about her childhood and there s not a lot of behind the scenes stories from her career or dirt on those she s interviewed or worked with There is a good chunk of chapters on Donald Trump and even though I wasn t surprised by the stories Megyn has of him, I thought it was interesting Overall, I thought this book was interesting even though I wasn t totally into all of her childhood stories if you re a fan of Megyn, you ll probably...

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    Well, that was a waste of time I guess I would recommend this if you want Megyn Kelly to tell you, in as much detail as possible, how perfect she and her family are I will come right out and say that the repeated commentary on her children and how they are the smartest was not only pointless, but nauseating I don t need to know that you bought a Gucci dress for a job interview I don t care who made your wedding gown, or that you met Taylor Swift at a party And for the LOVE OF GOD, stop including your DIARY ENTRIES.Ironically, she talks about her women s therapy group in one section and how they were the first ones to make her realize that her perfect personality is off putting She was, of course, shocked because she can be perfect at being vulnerable, too She explains that she s always worked harder than everyone else, and so making friends has in some ways felt like another job interview Frankly, she comes across as disingenuous Her memories of her father s d...

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    Not owning a TV, I don t watch Megyn Kelly I picked up this book at my library wanting to hear her side of things I d read about online during this election cycle Wow, all I can say is Megyn Kelly really likes Megyn Kelly Such admiration Such fawning Such adoration You d be hard pressed to find a devoted fan I learned how Megyn was the Best at everything she did She is the best at her job, has the best husband who gave up his career to be a stay at home dad even , ...

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    Originally reviewed at The Book Wheel.Megyn Kelly how much do you know about her If you re like me, the answer is not much except for the fact that she hosts her own show on Fox News and that Donald Trump released his rage on her during the presidential election The attacks she was subjected to leaves many of us extending our sympathies to her, but before you feel too bad for her, know that she doesn t play the victim card Instead, she is choosing to use the experience to lift her upward and onward, and the lessons within her memoir, Settle for More are ones that all of us need to hear.Contrary to popular opinion, Kelly did not grow up with money She came from humble beginnings in upstate New York and had a very happy childhood There were no trophies for participating, which served her well later in life, but her parents were loving and taught her that the most important thing she can be in life is herself, even if that meant she wasn t extraordinary In fact, her own mother never expected her to be so successful, which she knows because her family has always subscribed to the radical honesty program and told her so Nonetheless, her mother now brags about her in her own ...

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