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Jah Rastafari This Rasta Book Will Expand Your Spiritual Awareness As Well As Prepare You To Begin Living Your Life As An Informed Rasta Rasetafari Is A Spiritual Journey, Guidance And Knowledge Is Required To Embrace The Faith In Its Totality Subsequently Reaping The Rewards Of Something Spriitual Benificial To Ones Life I Recommend This Book With Rasta Way Of Life, To Deepen Ones Scope Of The Rastafari Livity Table Of Contents 1 THE CHOICE OF RASTAFARI 2 IMPORTANCE OF KING SELASSIE I AND EMPRESS MENEN IN RASTAFARI 3 6 STEPS TO CONVERT TO RASTAFARI 4 HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR RASTA NAME 5 4 WAYS TO MEDITATE AS A RASTA 6 WHY ARE YOU A RASTA 7 4 PILLARS OF RASTAFARI HEALTH 8 ITAL FOOD AS RASTA 9 6 SPIRITUAL OBLIGATIONS OF RASTAFARI 10 BIBLE STUDY AS A RASTA 11 WHITE RASTAFARI 12 THE MEANING OF DREADLOCKS AS A RASTA 13 OVERSTANDING JAH ZION BABYLON 14 HOW TO RAISE A RASTA CHILD 15 FINDING A RASTA MENTOR 16 KING SELASSIE I SPEECHES 17 MY RASTA JOURNEY

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    I found this book to be very informative It great for someone who knows nothing about Rasta but wants to learn I enjoyed the part about choosing a mentor Great read.

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