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Green Lantern The Owner Of The Jade Market Has A Secret One That Will Soon Change Her Grandson S LifeThirteen Year Old Tai Pham Lives In The Apartment Above His Grandmother S Store, Where His Bedroom Is Crammed With Sketchpads And Comic Books But Not Even His Most Imaginative Drawings Could Compare To The Colorful Adventure He S About To Embark OnWhen Tai Inherits His Grandmother S Jade Ring, He Soon Finds Out It S Than It Appears Suddenly He S Being Inducted Into A Group Of Space Cops Known As The Green Lanterns, His Neighborhood Is Being Overrun By Some Racist Bullies, And Every Time He Puts Pen To Paper, He S Forced To Confront That He Might Not Be Creative Enough Or Strong Enough To Uphold His Ba S LegacyNow Tai Must Decide What Kind Of Hero He Wants To Be Will He Learn To Soar Above His Insecurities Or Will The Past Keep Him Grounded

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    Tai is a Vietnamese American living in Coast City with his multigenerational family He inherits a Green Lantern ring and all that entails The art is vivid and bright and full of that signature green Tai, his friends, and his Grandmother are all well rounded, fully developed characters.This is the best title from DC Zoom yet What I really liked about it is that it embraced the Green Lantern history If this is my introduction to DC comics, I can go and buy some other Green Lantern comics without getting confused Both John Stewart and Sinestro are introduced in the book DC s mythology hasn t been changed or ignored unlike other DC Zoom and Ink books This is about a new Green Lantern in the larger DC universe and that s how these comics should be They should be written for middle schoolers but still be part of the larger DC universe, acting as a gateway to DC as a whole Received a review copy from DC and NetGalley All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned.

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    Tai discovers the power of the Green Lantern when his grandmother passes on her jade ring to him With very little training from the other Green Lanterns, Tai tries to stop vandalism in his neighborhood But there is an even bigger threat hiding right under his nose, and Tai will need his friends support while he learns to harness his new powers.I loved this comic from start to finish Tai is such a deep and complex character His close relationship with his family is at the heart of everything he does, and there is a huge emotional aspect to his story that really drew me in Tai is Vietnamese American, and his family heritage is important to him I loved seeing the rich Vietnamese culture, and the traditions of kindness and generosity in his family.The artwork is vibrant and colorful, with that signature green standing out in contrast to the other colors I like the sharp lines and clear panels, with lots of expressive reactions from the characters.The plot has plenty of action, backstory, mystery, and even comedy Tai and his friends are a hilarious trio, and I loved their fun dynamic There are some very serious and tragic scenes, some heart warming happy moments, and some funny one liners that had me chuckling as I read It s an excellent blend with a strong story telling style I really enjoyed this comic graphic novel It s perfect for middle grade or teen readers, but adults will enjoy it too Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a free and honest review All the opinions stated here are my own true thoughts, and are not influenced by anyone.

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    Green Lantern Legacy is another graphic novel for the YA line in DC This might be the first I ve read and I can see why it s so popular, even if it s not aimed for me This is the story of Tai and how he becomes a Green Lantern Through his grandmother, he learns what it is to be a hero While balancing home life, friends, and a new villain who, you guessed it, is using a yellow Ring, Tai must learn how to bring balance in the world and in his life This is pretty cool to see, and I like Tai a lot He s both funny and charming and a good lead for the Green Lantern The art is charming, with plenty of great designs Tai s design is especially cool and moves at a fast and fun pace I didn t get super connected to the story as it is aimed at probably the 13 17 crowd It also plays it a bit safe, and easy to tell what ll happen Saying that, great jumping on points for teens or even new Green Lantern fans Way better than Earth 1 Green lantern A 3 out of 5.

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    Hello Again It s currently almost midnight when I am writing this review but things have been kind of crazy with the holidays and all the other things However, here I am up late because I have started staying up late because I am off of work for a little while and I am just messing my sleep schedule all up But I just finished vacuuming my bedroom, making a gallon of tea, and doing some other housework and was like I am going to write some reviews Once I start wrecking my sleep schedule and staying up super late I get either really productive and get a lot of work done or play all the games mostly a lot of sims Tonight, it s really productive on the work side and this graphic novel was on my list to review because I finished reading it a few weeks ago and I have been itching to write some thoughts on it.SPOILERS AHEADTai is a 13 year old living with his family above his grandmother s store, things are not perfect but he likes his life and he loves his family and friends There is a lot of trouble in Tai s neighborhood One day Tai inherits his grandmother s Jade ring and turns into a Green Lantern However, Tai has no idea what that is, what his powers, are, what is going on, or why his Grandmother left this ring to him After her recent death, he has so many questions and no real answers until he meets another Green Lantern and begins to learn about the ring and his grandmother s life as a Green Lantern However, on his way to learning to be a Green Lantern Tai will have to decide if he will become a hero or if he will join the other side of this fight I have to say I went into this knowing literally nothing about Green Lantern I had never even seen the movie Having said that, I think this graphic novel did an amazing job teaching my all about Green Lantern and sharing that universe with me The illustrations in this graphic novel were beyond amazing and I was constantly staring at them and going back and looking them over even after I finished reading the story Additionally, I am super hyped to read the next graphic novel in this series because I just want to know about the Green Lanterns in general and Tai s journey I think if you are like me and know little to nothing about the Green Lantern this is the perfect graphic novel to jump into the universe with I am giving this graphic novel five stars on Goodreads I was given an E ARC copy of this book on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Looking for books for reluctant readers or super hero fans Green Lantern Legacy, by Minh Le and Andie Tong is a fun, energetic graphic novel This book is a fresh twist on the classic Green Lantern storyline, featuring the first Vietnamese American Green Lantern Twelve year old Tai Pham lives above his grandmother s store When his grandmother passes away, her jade ring chooses him to be the next Green Lantern dedicated to protecting Earth Tai used his love of drawing to practice his new powers given by the ring and confides in his best friends I love how his friends cheer him on and support him This is a very upbeat book and a really fun read Recommended for ages 8 12 Pick this book up when it is released on January 21, 2020 Thanks to dczoombooks and dccomics for sharing this middlegrade book with kidlitexchange and thanks to the kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book all opinions are my own.

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    I received a copy of Green Lantern Legacy through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review Green Lantern Legacy is the latest graphic novel from DC s new Zoom Series It s written intentionally to pull in a younger audience And that means we re about to meet one of the youngest Green Lanterns yet Tai Pham is only twelve years old, but he has what it takes to be a Green Lantern His whole life he never knew that his grandmother carried such an important job He had thought she was enough of a superhero for bringing his Vietnamese family over to America and making a home for them all But it turns out that she was an actual superhero as well While he may be a bit young for the job, he s thankfully got the support of his friends whom he trusts enough to confide in about his new superhero status Together they re going to take on a villain intent on taking over their little neighborhood They re going to continue the legacy his grandmother started Green Lantern Legacy is a sweet and fun read in the Green Lantern universe It s perfect for new and young readers as well as any reader just looking for a bit of a break from all of the heavier superhero plots out in the wild Minh Le has written a beautiful new introduction and series here Tai Pham and his family are exactly what we needed to see in the DC universe And it s a strong reminder of all the potential heroes out in the world This plot was cute and predictable in all of the right ways, while still being interesting and fun It s the right balance, especially for younger readers you might be trying to entice into reading because really who doesn t want to share their love of Green Lanterns with their children Every Green Lantern we ve met has seemed to have their own spin in regards to using their willpower and the ring Tai Pham is no exception, and I think fans will be excited to see what he has in store for them I know I was fascinated by this new revelation Andie Tong was the artist for this project, and they did an excellent job I loved the balance of modern and tradition, both in the characters and the artwork itself It was the perfect blend for this series And I hope that if the series continues, Andie Tong will stay onboard I really enjoyed reading Green Lantern Legacy, and can t help but find myself excited to see works like this coming out of DC It s exactly the sort of plot I ve been hoping to see one that is approachable to all audiences, giving kids a chance to follow in their parents footsteps.

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    Tai Pham s grandma is a tough old lady living a double life What will happen when Tam inherits her strange jade ring My son s birth in August has had me keeping my eyes out for comics I might thrust upon him once he s old enough to read I saw an article about Green Lantern Legacy and pre ordered it as soon as I was able, long before my son was actually born.Before I get into the meat of this, young adult graphic novels like this are probably what will keep the genre alive, pulling in younger readers instead of dropping them into the deep end and forcing them to navigate half a century of comics history I want my son to be able to enjoy super hero comics, not have decades of continuity weighing him down when he starts reading them.Tai s family isn t much like my family at first glance but I identified with him right away I was fortunate to have both of my grandmothers still living into my 30s and they were both tough old broads so I liked Kim Tran right away Tai also draws quite a bit, something I did a lot when I was thirteen Also, pho was mentioned a couple times and I would eat pho every damn day if I could.The Green Lantern mythos is simplified and refined John Stewart and other Lanterns are in the supporting cast but it s Tai s show Sinestro is mentioned, as are the Yellow Lanterns No Guardians of the Universe but this is only the first volume Tai s supporting cast is introduced, complete with a nemesis I nerded out a little when Tai recited The Oath for the first time Some people might gripe about Hal Jordan not being Tai s mentor but this book isn t for them This is a YA book for new readers.The writing is pretty slick While it s a Young Adult book in that the main characters are young adults, I don t think the writing was dumbed down in the least Tai s neighborhood has a sense of place and the relationships all felt real to me Andie Tong s art was to my liking than a lot of what is out there The figures aren t over rendered and the coloring isn t dominated by computer effects When my son comes of age, I will be happy for him to experience Green Lantern for the first time through the pages of Green Lantern Legacy 4.5 out of 5 Power Batteries.

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    kidlitexchange partnerThank you to dczoombooks for sharing an advance copy of Green Lantern Legacy with the kidlitexchange network This middle grades graphic novel will be released January 21, 2020 All opinions are my own Thirteen year old Tai Pham loves to draw and lives in a small apartment above his family s story, the Jade Market The store is run by his grandmother who is always there to help when someone in the community is in need One night, Tai is awoken by something and finds his grandmother s jade ring in his bed When he goes to return it, his grandmother tells him that it s his now, that it s chosen him That night, his grandmother passes away and the next day Tai learns her secret identity that has now been passed onto him, he is a green lantern He must now learn how to hone his powers and how when to use them He must learn to see the danger of power and how to positively ensure and protect peace Will he be able to uphold his grandmother s legacy I found this to be a very quick read I enjoyed that the main character is Vietnamese American I also liked learning about the Green Lantern canon, if I m honest everything I knew prior came from the Ryan Reynolds movie This graphic novel was engaging and had action in all the right places I liked the artwork and think the aesthetic and color palette added to the overall story In fact, if you re observant and perceptive, you may catch things in the artwork that will foreshadow later events in the book The novel deals with the topics of teamwork, friendship, courage, independence, and acceptance I think that this would be a good book for striving readers and those who just enjoy superhero stories.

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    I was chosen through NetGalley to receive an advanced copy of Green Lantern Legacy, so that I could share my review Tai Pham has been close with this grandmother his whole life, but when her health starts to fail, he learns a secret about her that seems unbelievable B N i is a Green Lantern, and her ring has chosen Tai as her successor Tai is excited by the possibility of having super powers, but the other Green Lanterns are unsure if he is old enough to handle the power at only 13 years old When things start to change in his neighborhood, Tai takes it upon himself to investigate Having new powers may be difficult to navigate, but Tai soon realizes that he is not alone in his fight for justice I have been a Green Lantern fan for quite a while, but I could never quite get into the comics Green Lantern Legacy completely changed this fact, as I found the story to be heartfelt and the characters relatable Mihn L has revitalized the Green Lantern narrative, bringing the characters into a much realistic world Andie Tong s art is vibrant, communicating how the world looks to Tai and capturing the reader instantly You can get your copy of Green Lantern Legacy on January 21st from DC Boom My Recommendation Green Lantern Legacy is the perfect title for readers of all ages who enjoy authentic coming of age stories Whether or not you have any Green Lantern knowledge, this book is a touching story of family and discovering your inner strength It speaks perfectly to what superheroes are meant to do at their core reveal the best of humanity.

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    Are we on the Tai Pham, Earth s newest Green Lantern Dark side of the moon Yes are you a Pink Floyd fan amused pause Your parents would get the reference John Stewart, Earth s veteran Green LanternDelightful and spirited graphic novel intended for the middle grade set though certain references see quotes above make it just as entertaining for those of us nearing middle age Green Lantern Legacy is the latest book from DC s Zoom imprint, centered on main characters approaching their teenage years Protagonist Tai Pham is an average kid from Coast City a Seattle or San Francisco amalgam , humbly helping out in his family s food market with his dignified grandmother Ba Noi With Ba Noi s peaceful, age related passing Tai soon finds out a big and surprising secret she was a longstanding and respected member of the legendary Green Lantern Corps On the heels of that discovery comes yet another surprise the ring chooses Tai to fall into line as Ba Noi s successor Accompanied by a couple of first rate second banana types his dependable friends Serena and Tommy , Tai sets out to earn his keep as a GL and then take on a local villain in this fun adventure.

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