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Paperback MidnightFrom The Moment She First Learned To Read, Literary Genius Darcy Wells Has Spent Most Of Her Time Living In The Worlds Of Her Books There, She Can Avoid The Crushing Reality Of Her Mother S Hoarding And Pretend Her Life Is Simply Ordinary But When A New Property Manager Becomes Active In The Upkeep Of Their Apartment Complex, The Only Home Darcy Has Ever Known Outside Of Her Books Suddenly Hangs In The BalanceWhile Darcy Is Struggling To Survive Beneath The Weight Of Her Mother S Compulsive Shopping, Asher Fleet, A Former Teen Pilot With An Unexpectedly Shattered Future, Walks Into The Bookstore Where She Works And Straight Into Her Heart For The First Time In Her Life, Darcy Can T Seem To Find The Right Words Fairy Tales Are One Thing, But Real Love Makes Her Want To Hide Inside Her Carefully Constructed Ink And Paper Bomb ShelterStill, After Spending Her Whole Life Keeping People Out, Something About Asher Makes Darcy Want To Open Up But Securing Her Own Happily Ever After Will Mean She Ll Need To Stop Hiding And Start Living Her Own Truth Even If It S Messy

[[ Read ]] ➫ Paperback Midnight Author Laura Taylor Namey – Valtrex-4.us
  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Paperback Midnight
  • Laura Taylor Namey
  • English
  • 12 December 2017
  • 9781488051357

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    Four in the name of romantic book nerd and hoarders love, lyrical, family troubled, emotional, heart warming, making you sigh incessantly stars If you re not a YA romance fan, what is still intriguing about this book Complex mother and daughter relationship Check Amazingly developed real best supporting character and sidekick Marisol s existence on the book Check References from the great classic authors from Bronte, Austen to Shakespeare and bringing a different and creative approach to Peter Pan s story Check Heart felting, sometimes a little bit dramatic but still swoony and sweet love story between Darcy and Asher I know you may not love YA love stories but the age is not important when you read a heart warming one Check, check and check When you need an urgent summer read and looking for a book that brings you the softest, sweetest and most genuine story which makes you smile Check When you need a quick escape from daily dramas, stress, turmoil and irritating people around you by reading with a soul brushing, mind relaxing story Check If you also checked all the listed reasons to love this book, grab it, read it and fully enjoy it Special thanks to Inkyard Press and NetGalley to provide me this lovely book in exchange my honest review I wholeheartedly loved this one

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    4 5 E arc received from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion Since kindergarten, my mind has been a story bank I read and read, and I remember When I first read about this book, I knew I had to read it and was lucky enough to receive an e ARC of it I believe it is safe to say that the majority of the pages on my Kindle are highlighted with quotes I loved, moments that warmed or broke my heart and, just in general, how great this story is Even though the main character is a bookworm, I think this book is very different from what we are used to have in YA books Of course there are a lot of recurring elements that are classic to YA, but one thing in particular made me think it was bringing something new the mother daughter relationship Darcy and her mother have a complex relationship due to her mom s hoarding Mental illness in this book is well developed and explained through Darcy telling the reader about their session with a counselor and how to handle her mother s compulsive shopping issue To escape reality, Darcy found a coping system in hiding in books and their characters, referencing them all the time because it s the only way she knows how to deal with the real world and it s complexity Darcy can also count on one of the most well developed supporting character I have read about in a very long time her best friend Marisol I loved Marisol, she is an amazing friend and she gives so much love and support to Darcy Their relationship was really heart warming The love interest was also incredibly well developed His backstory is gut wrenching but his courage and determination show one should always keep hope, even in the darkest of times In general, I would like to say the entire cast of characters was amazing Tess, Darcy s grandmother, Mr Winston, they all have their flaws and qualities that make them unique and completely believable They all bring something to the story and are not just there like some books tend to do It was amazing Moreover, the writing in this book is phenomenal It is extremely poetic and beautiful, filled with references to great writers and it flows amazingly It seems like we are living within this book the same Darcy lives within books herself Her relationship with fictional worlds and words was completely relatable and I could see myself within her The comfort she finds in books is the same as mine, so what she was going through was understandable As a conclusion, I would highly recommend to every bookworm to put this little gem on your TBR because it is a really great book that deserves to be in the spotlight Everything from the portrayal of the characters to the writing is fantastic It definitely was a bit slow to start but I liked this aspect of it The story unfurled in front of my eyes and I enjoyed getting to know Darcy and the other characters as I went through the story The portrayal of teenagers was also fairly accurate and seemed genuine, which I highly appreciated My Bookstagram

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    psst I m hosting a cover reveal for The Library of Lost Things on Monday, 9AM EST so GET PUMPED AHHHit s so gorgeous, y all aren t prepared for the bookish glory that awaits you

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    Title The Library of Lost ThingsSeries StandaloneAuthor Laura Taylor NameyRelease date October 8, 2019Cliffhanger NoGenre YA romanceHe was the home for all my words, even the ones I hadn t defined yet He was the home for all my stories, even the ones I hadn t imagined.This book had me at literary genius heroine I loved the secret gift she had for memorizing passages of her favorite books Darcy Wells is exactly the type of character I have a weakness for Shy, intelligent, not exactly nerdy but feels socially invisible Then to find out that she s named after my ultimate book hero, the dashing Mr Darcy How could I possibly dislike her after that Spoiler alert I couldn t Books are the center of Darcy s world, they re her escape from the harsh reality of her mother s shopping and hoarding addiction Inside the pages of her books was invaluable information she could stockpile in her brain to get her through a stressful time Because her mother just isn t there for her to give advice and guidance the way she is supposed to be She s a young girl trying to cope in the only way she knows how What skills had my mother taught me How to fall apart, but still look presentable How to pretend and lie to survive, or shop your bank account dry I d learned about life from books than my own mom.She knows her mother loves her, but through the years, their roles have become reversed and Darcy has taken on the responsibility of many things she shouldn t have to worry about at her age Her mother has completely checked out and spiraled into an anxiety ridden maze of denial and comfort spending If you ve seen the show Hoarders, you probably have some horrific images in your head about what kind of filth they re living in Their situation isn t quite that dire Her mother holds down a well paying job selling make up, and on the outside, you d never guess that their home is stacked with so many piles of stuff that you barely have enough room to walk from room to room Darcy has adapted and learned how to project the perfect image and blend into the background so no one asks too many questions Her best friend s cousin is called in for a favor when a repair needs to be made in their apartment Her grandmother s monthly allowance is used to buy groceries or pay a bill that wasn t taken care of And no one, absolutely no one, is allowed to step foot inside her home, because the fear of child protective services removing her is one that she lives with every day She s one month away from turning eighteen, and she needs to keep their skeletons firmly in the closet until that day Then suddenly her house of cards starts tumbling down around her She s hit with one problem after another and everything is on the verge of collapsing with one wrong move It s all she can do to take one shaky breath at a time Asher was such a refreshingly sweet hero Yes, he s a little moody and unapproachable in the beginning, but his behavior wasn t just teenage angst or bad manners When Darcy runs into him a few times and starts to get to know him better, she realizes that his mixed messages are coming from a place that he has no control over Asher is one year ahead of her and just recently graduated, but he s been working for family while he heals from a traumatic car accident that destroyed his plans for the future I enjoyed the fact that these two formed a friendship first and you could tangibly see their feelings grow into something deeper To Darcy, he is the unattainable popular guy that she could never hope to capture She s quirky, secretive, and would rather read a book at a party than socialize He sees much of her true self than she thinks and there isn t a part of her he doesn t like I watched you almost every day He smiled Watched you tuck hair behind your ear and fall in love with words And you re than pretty You re all the places I want to fly to Your mind is brilliant and so full, it spills out all over you Darcy s best friend Marisol was amazing and every girl should have a supportive person in their life like her The Peter Pan book that plays a big part in the book was pretty special, and I really enjoyed the relatable quotes at the head of each chapter I guessed early on how the book tied into the plot, but it was such a creative thing to do that I didn t mind at all Throughout the story I thought this would be a simple and sweet teen coming of age romance that s low on the angst and high on the cute factor Then out of nowhere at the end, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself choking back emotion as Darcy navigated the broken relationship with her mother This is definitely than your average YA fluff, it has lots of heart and introspection in it I thoroughly loved Laura Taylor Namey s debut and I cannot wait to read from her in the future FOLLOW SMOKIN HOT BOOK BLOG ON

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    I got the arc Reading this right NOW

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    I was lucky enough to get an ARC through NetGalley so I could dive or rather fly into this charming book.I love a good love story and I thoroughly enjoyed my read TLOLT has lots to recommend it beyond its central romantic arc 3 generations of family drama expand the story and lay the groundwork for an engaging mystery The answers tie seamlessly into the main character s arc of self discovery and self acceptance There are plenty of literary references both direct and implied within the material to please any avid reader who picks this up It s awash with Easter eggs to enjoy Austen Bronte Barrie Shakespeare And The love interest in swoon worthy and says all the right things at all the right times The best friend has the necessary sass to push the heroine out of her bookish shell The side characters are quirky and lovable, replete with a funky wig shop owner and a frumpy bookseller who have a history of their own The book requires some suspension of disbelief, but I had no problem letting go to enjoy the ride I rooted for the main character, I enjoyed the thematic symbolism, and I appreciated the author s sense of detail Can t wait to see what she does next

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    An ARC was provided to me for free by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This was such a charming and sweet book I love books about books and book lovers I loved Darcy and her amazing memory about books She essentially lives inside the books she loves, and would love nothing than to spend all her time reading books instead of socializing And I mean Wow, that was me in high school so 100% can relate Not that she s socially awkward usually she just takes great comfort in books, in stories with romances and happily ever afters It s also the best way to escape the mess that is her own life I really enjoyed her friendship with Marisol Marisol is half Mexican, half Cuban and I loved the incorporation of her big Spanish family She s also a fashion designer with a bad gum chewing habit, but her and Darcy are best friends, and their opposing personalities work so well together Of course, I also loved Asher I was a bit unsure about him at first, since his attitude could change randomly However, there was a rational surprise explanation for his behaviour And he was just generally super sweet and cute He and Darcy had the best discussions about books and ways of reading slowly to savour all the words, or speed reading by reading in chunks reminded me so much of my boyfriend and I He reads like Darcy, I read like Asher _ Also a cute boy who loves literature There aren t enough of these in YA novels.Finally, I really liked Darcy s precarious relationship with both her mother and grandmother I thought this book was really unique for its portrayal of hoarding and concussive effects after a traumatic accident In general, I really loved the various relationships Darcy makes and has, and how she begins to live her own story instead of hiding in a book.Blog Twitter Instagram

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    Ahhhh This book was literally just what I needed to perk up a rough couple of days The cover alone makes me happy Those colors, the books, the fun fonta triple threat for this book lover The Library of Lost Things gave me all the feels and left me sighing with a warmed soul It s both a heart warming and heart breaking coming of age story that also centers around books and a bookstore I adored Darcy and could totally relate to her living in the books she loved and being socially awkward and shy It s listed as YA, but seasoned readers like me will love it as well This is a debut novel for Namey and I look forward to reading from her in the future.

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    Real rating 4,5 stars.What a gem, friends One of these soft, yet deep contemporaries with this slow burning love story, kickass incredible best friend, complex mother daughter relationship and all the books I loved this so, so, SO much 200% recommend it.Full review coming soon Thank you to Inkyard Press for sending me an ARC of this book This did not, in any way, influenced my thoughts and rating My Blog Drizzle Hurricane Books Twitter Bloglovin

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