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Parable of the Sower: A Graphic Novel AdaptationThe Follow Up To Kindred, The Bestseller, Comes Octavia E Butler S Groundbreaking Dystopian Novel In This Graphic Novel Adaptation Of Octavia E Butler S Parable Of The Sower, By Damian Duffy And John Jennings, The Award Winning Team Behind The Bestseller Kindred A Graphic Novel Adaptation, The Author Portrays A Searing Vision Of America S Future In The Year , The Country Is Marred By Unattended Environmental And Economic Crises That Lead To Social Chaos Lauren Olamina, A Preacher S Daughter Living In Los Angeles, Is Protected From Danger By The Walls Of Her Gated Community However, In A Night Of Fire And Death, What Begins As A Fight For Survival Soon Leads To Something Much A Startling Vision Of Human Destiny And The Birth Of A New Faith

[KINDLE] ❄ Parable of the Sower: A Graphic Novel Adaptation Author Damian Duffy – Valtrex-4.us
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Parable of the Sower: A Graphic Novel Adaptation
  • Damian Duffy
  • English
  • 21 March 2018
  • 9781419731334

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    Thanks to NetGalley and ABRAMS FOR an ARC in exchange for an honest review In this graphic novel adaptation of science fiction writer, Octavia Butler s 1993 novel, Damian Duffy and illustrator John Jennings brings us to the 2020s where society has largely collapsed due to climate change, inequality and corporate greed Lauren Oya Olamina is a teenage protagonist who lives in a gated community near Los Angeles As we travel through the outside of the gated community, Lauren and the other characters witness massive poverty and violence daily In response to her father s ever constant faith as a Baptist, Lauren explores her belief system through her journals, called Earthseed Although I cannot comment upon the illustrations of the graphic novel, as they were incomplete and still in the sketch stage, I can state that I was very interested in what would happen to Lauren as the story progressed As there is a sequel Parable of the Talents, I would imagine that there will be a future graphic novel somewhere down the road.Goodreads review 24 12 19Publication Date 28 01 20

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    It s the year 2024 and Lauren Olamina is a preacher s daughter living with her family in a gated L.A community The gate is there to protect their community from outsiders fighting for food and water America is a shell of its former self thanks to environmental and economic crises mishandled by leaders.Outside the gates is chaos where people travel toward safety they re not sure exists and spend exorbitant amounts of their savings on clean water.As the safety of their community begins to crumble, Lauren begins to prepare for the worst and teaches herself survival skills she knows she ll need Her neighbors cling to their religion during these terrible times but what no one knows is that Lauren has found her own faith Writing her thoughts down daily, she creates a revolutionary idea she calls Earthseed.Lauren finds fellow refugees outside the walls in which she was raised and shares the concept of Earthseed with them Together they travel North in search of shelter and safety where they can create a new community.Butler s Earthseed duology published in the 1990s is a stunning sci fi dystopia set in America s near future focusing on actual current events that are frighteningly magnified, making the possibility of this setting far too realistic for comfort The ARC I received has very limited panel detail, just rough sketches currently, so I m curious to see the final illustrations The story has translated well to the graphic novel format thanks to Duffy s efforts.Thanks to Abrams and NetGalley for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review Parable of the Sower A Graphic Novel Adaptation is scheduled for release on January 28, 2020.For reviews, visit www.rootsandreads.wordpress.com

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    Why read a graphic novel adaptation of a novel For the same reason, one watches a movie adaptation of a novel It adds a different aspect to the story Often, if successful, such an adaptation can breathe new life to a story and flesh out things that were not as significant This graphic novel tells the story of Butler s apocalyptic vision of the future in plain inked drawings, sometimes leaving characters in shadows and not fully illustrated The story is broken down piece by piece in comic strip panels which highlight the pain and despair of Butler s novel which portrays a civilization which caved in on itself, with looters everywhere, and people wandering desperately up and down freeways looking for something anything cause it s all they have The God Is change philosophy is offered in notebook like tidbits that feels like a natural pet of the story Overall, quite a worthwhile introduction to Butler s work.

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    Please note that I received this book via NetGalley This did not affect my rating or review.So the thing is this is my least favorite of Butler s works The story had a lot of plot holes that the graphic novel of course cannot and does not fix Taking place in 2025, we follow the character of Lauren Olamina and her family that are living in what remains of areas around Los Angeles Told in the first person, we get Lauren s insights into her family, friends, community, and what the world is turning into The whole Earthseed concept never really works though at least in graphic novel format it s okay to have stilted sentences like God is Change I think graphic novels in the right hands can really rock I love re reading The Gunslinger series via graphic novel format and the novel Speak recently as heart wrenching to read via that format Duffy though doesn t really grab me with his art Everything is shadowy and dark A few times I wondered if the ARC I got had finished art or what Here is a link to my review of the novel where I still had some of the same issues while reading this graphic novel

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    This was my first introduction to Butler s work, but I ll definitely be back for Her unique take on a dystopian America still feels futuristic, even though it s set in 2024 and was written in 1993 I decided to give this graphic novel adaptation a try since I thought the story would lend itself well to this form there s so much intense imagery described The story was incredible both tragic and hopeful as a young woman does all she can to survive during intensely threatening times She decides to form her own religion called Earthseed, which she uses to propel her towards a safer future where God is trusted and relied upon fully Despite some truly brutal descriptions of violence and death, there is still an inspiring purity to this text Full disclosure the ARC I was provided with by the publisher didn t have the final artwork included, so I don t feel like I can truly judge what the art will look like once the project is complete However, overall, I felt this book was a great alternative to classic dystopian novels The grit and heart of Butler s writing won me over completely.

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    Thank you Netgalley and Publishers for the opportunity to read an ARC of this graphic novel 3.5 starsI liked the art style they chose for the graphic novel I just read the novel for class so, having the story fresh in my mind I was excited to read graphic novel but found that too much information was skipped over missing or not translated though the artwork that the graphic novel could not be a stand alone work If someone were to pick it up without having read the book, there were times especially at the beginning that captures ch 1 2 needed explanation and or detail I like the interesting direction the graphic novel attempts to take though.

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    Not sure about this one I got it as an ARC and some panel really seem unfinished, was it part of the style, all of the art look a bit sketchy, which I enjoy I m not saying that negatively, but some of it really look unfinished anyway I wasn t a big fan of the story, never read the original source material so I can t compare but I find the rhythm to slow for me in a graphic novel format, maybe the novel would be a better choice for me I never really engage in it

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    NetGalley ARC.I have not read the novel Parable of the Sower In fact, I ve never read an Octavia Butler book Yet She is definitely an author I want to read, I just haven t been in the situation to pick one up That being said, this graphic novel was okay I like color to my illustrations and there was none The illustrations in this graphic novel look like sketches and I didn t really like that I liked the gist of the story and it definitely made me interested in the novel series.

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    My problem with this graphic novel was mostly due to the great expectations I had read the adaptation of Kindred almost six months ago and I liked it a lot, so I was ready to repeat the experience, but this time the story was claustrophobic and sad your usually post scarcity stuff , and I also get the style of the author sketchy tables, unfinished drawing, etc but all together they were too much for me and I didn t really appreciate that.Il mio problema con questa graphic novel da imputarsi soprattutto al fatto che avevo delle grosse aspettative in quanto avevo letto l adattamento di Kindred circa sei mesi fa, mi era piaciuto tanto e mi aspettavo qualcosa di simile, ma stavolta la storia era claustrofobica e cupa la classica storia post scarcity e lo stile dell autore tavole solo abbozzate per esempio , per quanto avessero un senso nel descrivere questo tipo di storia, hanno formato un insieme di cose troppo pesanti perch il risultato poi mi piacesse.THANKS NETGALLEY FOR THE PREVIEW

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    Even though this ARC is far from finished the preface is missing and some art is just sketches this graphic novel has the potential to be a huge up and coming seller next year I just very recently finished reading the novel version of Parable of the Sower and loved the world building This graphic novel version does it just as well as Butler s prose The themes in the novel and this adaptation speak so poignantly to our experiences in 2019 and I hope this graphic novel will have people exposed to Butler s genius.

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