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The Deep & Dark Blue After A Terrible Political Coup Usurps Their Noble House, Hawke And Grayson Flee To Stay Alive And Assume New Identities, Hanna And Grayce Desperation And Chance Lead Them To The Communion Of Blue, An Order Of Magical Women Who Spin The Threads Of Reality To Their WillAs The Twins Learn About The Communion, And Themselves, They Begin To Hatch A Plan To Avenge Their Family And Retake Their Royal HomeWhile Hawke Wants To Return To His Old Life, Grayce Struggles To Keep The Threads Of Her New Life From Unraveling, And Realizes She Wants To Stay In The One Place That Will Allow Her To Finally Live As A Girl

[ Read ] ➲ The Deep & Dark Blue  Author Niki Smith – Valtrex-4.us
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Deep & Dark Blue
  • Niki Smith
  • English
  • 06 December 2018
  • 9780316486019

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    This is a hard one to review I received an advance copy of this book, and while the final copy is supposed to be in full colour, there was no colour in my copy and half of the book had unfinished illustrations So my experience with the advance copy and your experience with the finished copy will be undoubtedly different.But because the illustrations weren t at their best, I focused my attention on the characters and dialog The dialog is on point Not too much of it and not too little of it The main characters, Hawke and Grayson, are likeable The best part about the plot is Hawke and Grayson dressing up as girls to infiltrate a group of girls that spin magical thread The world building is, however, kind of vague The story line isn t hard to follow, since it s pretty straightforward even if we don t always understand the characters intentions But I m not sure how the Communion of Blue came into existence and why it s named that way I also don t know anything about the other noble houses It s an empowering story, though, with a beautiful message about being one s true self without fear of being rejected by the ones we love I enjoyed reading it, even if it didn t wow me Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    Really charming trans graphic novel This is only the second graphic novel I ve ever read so I m still getting used to processing story lines in that format and can t really comment on any of that especially because I read an ARC with no color, and I think color would ve helped me differentiate between characters better , but I loved the trans storyline and lbr that s what I was there for.

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    My new book

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    A few weak spots in story line But interesting, longer graphic novel of gender identity, family and politics.

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    An engaging fantasy book with magic, political intrigue, and gorgeous artwork Recommended.

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    Huge thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for this ARC The Deep Dark Blue is a graphic novel that tells the story of Hawke and Grayson, who have to flee a politic coup In order to survive, the two take on the identities of Hanna and Grayce while seeking shelter, they come across the Communion of Blue, an order of magical women who have the ability to manipulate reality and bend its will With the help of the Communion of Blue, the twins begin to hatch a plan to save their family s name and and reclaim their royal heritage I loved this story Hanna and Gracye are wonderful and well fleshed out Their desire to protect their family home, while working through their personal identities, makes for fantastic storytelling Given the coup that has destroyed their family and forced them apart, it s easy to empathize with Hanna and Gracye There is also a story about transition in The Deep Dark Blue that is both simple, but effectively portrayed I truly loved Gracye s character so much.While the ARC was in black and white, I am excited to see what the finished product looks like I think those who love Faith Erin Hick s stories will easily find The Deep Dark Blue to be right up their alley This is a fantastic story about family, identity, and what it means to survive in a time of oppression.

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    Genderqueer person here I loved this I really hope there s eventually a whole middle reader series based on this world, and Hawke, and Grayce I would also like an Into the Spiderverse style movie, please.Deep Dark Blue is an adventure with a martyr, an usurper who commits murder of a family member for power, magical weaving of lineage tapestries, gender split identical twins, and a number of loving, accepting real deal allies None of the awful trans narrative stuff like being violently outted, rejected, etc that have disappointed me in other adjacent graphic novels There is some misgendering, but it struck me as a ha and teachable moments, nothing intentionally malicious.I am a white queer reader who was raised in Kansas The author is a white queer reader who was raised in Kansas Neither of us live there any The characters aren t white, so I think it s important to look for queer reviewers of color to make sure white reviewers didn t glaze over something cringeworthy.

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    Thank you to Hachette Book Group Canada for providing me with a physical ARC This has not affected my review, which reflects my honest opinions In spinning blue, we know our true selvesand we find and weave the patterns of the world I m going to refrain from actually rating this for the time being, because graphic novels employ so many techniques to tell a story and several of these elements are, understandably, incomplete in the physical ARC That said, I eagerly await the opportunity to pick up a finished copy when The Deep Dark Blue publishes in early January.I have loved what I ve seen so far, and I definitely think this is a story that will further benefit from the full colour illustrations The style of illustration is beautiful even in black and white, with a good balance of diverse designs when it comes to layouts of the page spreads There have always been girls who ve found their way to usand there always will be In a nutshell I could have done with a little exposition to establish the world But, what s important here is that Niki Smith has crafted an absolutely charming and heartfelt story of family, identity, love, and acceptance I adore the trans representation, and I think the medium of a graphic novel will make it incredibly accessible to the book s target audience I also may definitely have had the hugest smile on my face reading those last few pages

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