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2010: Odyssey TwoNine Years After The Disastrous Discovery Mission To Jupiter In 2001, A Joint U.S Soviet Expedition Sets Out To Rendezvous With The Derelict Spacecraft To Search The Memory Banks Of The Mutinous Computer HAL 9000 For Clues To What Went Wrongand What Became Of Commander Dave Bowman.Without Warning, A Chinese Expedition Targets The Same Objective, Turning The Recovery Mission Into A Frenzied Race For The Precious Information Discovery May Hold About The Enigmatic Monolith That Orbits Jupiter.Meanwhile, The Being That Was Once Dave Bowman The Only Human To Unlock The Mystery Of The Monolith Streaks Toward Earth On A Vital Mission Of Its Own

[BOOKS] ✫ 2010: Odyssey Two ✵ Arthur C. Clarke – Valtrex-4.us
  • Hardcover
  • 217 pages
  • 2010: Odyssey Two
  • Arthur C. Clarke
  • English
  • 13 December 2019
  • 9780246119124

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    Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do Funny that this innocuous kiddies tune always reminds me of a homicidal supercomputer.Arthur C Clarke, in spite of being a sci fi legend, is not known for his characterization, but HAL 9000 is one of the most memorable sci fi characters ever, with his friend Dave Bowman not far behind.With 2010 Odyssey Two, we are back to the future which is now the past Some people will be put off from reading this book because it is set six years ago and nothing like what transpires in the book occurred in the real 2010 Us long time sci fi readers are very tolerant of the real future overtaking the fictional one The important thing is the story, and the alien technology in this book has not been made to look silly by today s Earthly tech Better still, Clarke makes the super tech seems believable 2010 Odyssey Two takes place nine years after the classic 2001 A Space Odyssey thank you, Captain Obvious At the end of the previous book the spaceship Discovery is abandoned in Jupiter s orbit and the ship s single survivor, David Bowman, went through a gigantic monolith that turns out to be a portal of some kind, and nobody has heard from him since And what is all this OMG it s full of stars business Has he sneaked off to Beverly Hills Spacecraft DiscoveryThis sequel is centered on the Russia...

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    As soon as I finished reading this I thought, man, I wish I didn t suck so badly at science, because being an astronomer would be SO FREAKING COOL.But I do suck so badly at science, so I just get to read wonders like this and wish I was half as good a writer as Arthur C Clarke, who gets to be really friggin smart in TWO CAREERS, which is totally unfair.There are several great things about this book First, and one of the things that I love to read old sci fi books for, is what Clarke in the 80s thought 2010 was going to look like Some of it is actually kind of close, which is pretty cool, and some of it is either useless and we never bothered to create it or it s still beyond us in terms of technology Second, I read the first book about seven years ago and have completely forgotten it, so the references in this were a little lost on me But that totally doesn t matter This isn t a completely stand alone book, but it s not nearly as intricately dependent on the first book as it could be Yes, you need to know the original plot, but beyond that you re good to go Third, HOW DOES CLARKE MANAGE TO KEEP YOU ENGAGED WITHOUT ANY SORT OF REAL VILLAIN This is how you know you re scary good half of the book is trying to figure out what s going on with crazy computer Hal, unless it s dealing with the strange things on Europa, or wait, there are these aliens that aren t aliens SURPRISE DAVID BOWMAN I mean what And yet, I couldn t put it down I really, really wanted to know what was ...

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    Space Baby s Big Day Out.After the events in 2001 Dave becoming a Space Baby, HAL being shut down while singing , the world is left in wonder about what happened out near Saturn..JUPITER Sorry, Jupiter Right It was Jupiter all along.Dr Floyd, the bureaucrat who ventured to the Moon to check out TMA 1 is back and now he looks like Roy Schneider who I see died in 2008 The Russkis are headed out to check out what happened slightly quicker than what the U.S can manage Oh how times don t change Anyway, partnerships all are happy, joint U.S and Russian crew.So this is the story of recovering HAL and the further adventures of Space Baby Dave And while it isn t as grand and as awe inspiring as 2001, it s still a fun read with lots of nerdy details and some small instances of than two dimensional characterisation There is a brilliant flashback chapter invo...

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    2010 Odyssey Two Space Odyssey 2 , Arthur C Clarke 2010 2010 1371 340 9644350227

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    And because, in all the Galaxy, they had found nothing precious than Mind, they encouraged its dawning everywhere They became farmers in the field of stars they sowed, and sometimes they reaped And sometimes,...

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    The enigma of the Spaceship Discovery, lost in Jupiter s orbit the setting has been changed from Saturn in the original book, to match Kubrick s film.Arthur C Clarke s sequel to 2001, has Dr Heywood Floyd, again recruited on a joint U.S and Soviet written in 1982 expedition, to the giant planet.To find out what happened The crew of the Soviet ship Leonov ,consists of seven Russians and three Americans,with both male and female members.Dr.Floyd,Dr Chandra, builder of the malfunctioning computer Hal a long repair trip and Walter Curnow a systems specialist, are the Americans.Curnow job is to get Discovery working again before it crashes down on Io ,a hellish volcanic world and one of the many Jovian moons The real reason of the trip is of course , just a little complicated.Discovery s Captain David Bowman s disappearance and his last words My God,it s full of stars haunts the Earth still.The mysterious black monolith that is floating in space between Jupiter and her moon Io.How dangerous a threat is it to Earth The very able Captain Tatiana Orlova is in charge and even has her husband on board.All the crew...

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    Jedna od omiljenih stvari kod ovih knjiga su imaginacija pisca pri smisljanju novih svetova i vrsta i njihov uverljiv opis Kada se cita prosto imas pred ocima sve ono o cemu gosn Klark pise Prosto ne verovatno.S druge strane isto mi se svidja kolko je covek ispred svog vremena kada govori i o daleko ljudskijim stvarima ka sto seksualnost ili brak bez problema provlaceci veze izmedju vise ljudi ili ljudi stog pola A jos v...

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    This is an excellent and underrated novel.Clarke was and still is under fire from critics beacuse of his characters.Either they are wooden or unrealistic though realistic characters are pure fantasy or rudimentary or stock or I don t know some similiar nonsense.What they don t,or maybe don t want to understand is that Clarke was a big picture writer.He was a visionary who lived in the future.He was someone who was aware tha...

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    I ll suggest the reader of this review to go through plot summary of this novel and a little familiariation with its prequel, 2001 A Space Odyssey I ll only be expatiating here on some aspects I found fascinating.Although, the novel contains many captivating sub plots and a driving, gripping backdrop I want to credit Arthur C Clarke for the most wonderful depictions of the Jovian system Within the first half, he describes the bands of Jovian clouds, the cyclonic storms, the radiation belt and the high energy electron beam connecting Io to Jupiter he depicts Io, a land of fiery volcanoes, violent eruptions making umbrella clouds and molten lava lakes and he uses all the available information about Callisto, Ganymede and Europa to paint a vivid and entrancing picture of the moonscapes using his never exhausting arsenal of beautiful, sublime metaphors Perhaps, Clarke s level of ingenious and prolific depiction of the real planets and satellites could only be matched by none other than the Great Carl Sagan.I give Clarke enormous credit ...

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    Discovery , HAL 9000 Dave Bowman , , Discovery , Dave Bowman , Clarke , .

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